Steps To Preparing Your Child For School

Starting school can be a scary experience for any child.  Walking into a classroom of strangers, being asked to participate in activities and the fear of making friends.  All of this occurs at the start of the school year after all of the books are ordered, the supplies are cataloged and school furniture installation raleigh nc has been completed.  To help your child adjust to starting a new school year here are some tips and tricks.

Give them a trigger object

A trigger object can be something that your child can focus on.  It can be a sticker, pin, a small stuffed animal they can keep in their pocket or a necklace they wear with a picture of their parents.  A trigger object can be anything that will help ground your child to their familiar surroundings. 

Dress them for success

On the first day of school have your child dressed in their favorite outfit, give them a cool bookbag and even a special lunch with a note of encouragement inside.  When your child is dressed for success and they are given the tools to invoke confidence they will feel better and not have as much stress.

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Give them words and phrases to say to classmates

Making friends is hard to do.  Giving them phrases to say to other kids when thy meet can help break the ice and give them confidence to make friends. 

Ask them about their day

At the end of the day ask them how it went.  Have them walk you through the events of the day.  This gives your children confidence and builds their interest in school.  When children are able to share their day it makes them the center of attention and makes them want to go back to school for new adventures and even better stories.